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Dumbbell Workout That's Perfect For The Home or The Gym

Author: Greta Beck

I'm a firm believer that having a set of dumbbells is all you need to get an effective workout! So I put together some of my favorite movements into a circuit-style workout that can be done from home or the gym!

Circuit 1 (2-3 rounds):
Hip Thrusts x15
Side Lying Hip Raises with Toe Tap x20 each side

Circuit 2 (2-3 rounds):
Sumo Squats x12
Single Leg Deadlift x10 each leg

Circuit 3 (2-3 rounds):
Curtsy Lunges x10 each side
Frog Pumps x20

Circuit 4 (2-3 rounds):
Reverse Lunge w knee drive x12 each leg
Jump Squats w touch x15

You can check out videos for each movement here! You can also learn all about the benefits of my favorite lower body exercise - Hip Thrusts - here.

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Meet Your Trainer

Greta Beck

As one of the Co-Founders of Bellabooty, Greta brings years of personal training and group fitness experience and as a certified pregnancy and postpartum fitness expert, Greta helps women in all stages of their lives find their way back to exercise, in a safe way. In addition to having years of experience as a personal trainer, she has also taught and designed hundreds of group fitness classes built around her two main training philosophy pillars - strength and mobility.

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